Sunday 1 March 2015

When they won't ship it to you....

You go and get it.

After my last little rant (You know what's bulls#*t), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I really wanted my Grill Guard, and I wasn't going to let something like a boarder, or not shipping to Canada stop me.

Winch is safe, and I can mount lights
 My wife found this awesome company in Niagara Falls New York, honestly, about 5 minutes up from the Rainbow Bridge crossing, called CBI. They offer a US mailing address not just to Americans, but also to Canadians. Their rates are very reasonable at $6.95/package, with no limits on hold time (although they ask that you pick things up within 90 days). After discussing with my wife, she had a few items that wouldn't ship to Canada as well, or added an additional 75% of the cost on top to ship cross boarder, we decided to try them out. She ordered her items, I ordered my grill guard, and off we went. Unfortunately, the grill guard company wouldn't even accept a Canadian credit card. A quick call to Visa, and CBI was added a an alternative billing address.
So much better looking now
Orders placed, and we waited until the tracking numbers showed them as received at CBI.

Life got in the way, and they sat for a few weeks before we could get to Niagara for a day. I took a Thursday off and we hit the road. I'll just say this, quickest cross boarder shopping trip ever. I cleared US customs at 11am, and I cleared Canada customs at 11;20am with packages in tow. For any Ontario Jeepers looking for an economical way to get US parts into Canada that wouldn't otherwise ship here, consider CBI.
Salty Canadian Jeep

One last note, CBI in no way paid for their name to appear on this page. I received great service, and it's my pleasure to recommend companies that provide this level of service.