Monday 3 June 2024

Still here. Still puttering along.

 Evidently it's been a while since I've fired up an update. 

Life and winter, but mostly winter, really cut into my garage time. I wasn't in the mood to work on damp days in the garage.

Being said, I'm back at it now that the weather is improving. So here's a quick update on where things sit. 

The TJ blew it's last hardline, and I had to deal with that. So it's now has a full set of all hardlines all around. I don't particularly like doing brake lines, but I'm oddly pretty good at it. Being said, my ancient flare tool has seen its last flare, and I was forced (buying tools, forced, HA!) to buy a new flaring tool. It's spectacular. SO much nicer than my old one.

Fortunately I also have a bleeder tool, and that just makes swapping the lines out easy enough. 



I also finally got an oil change in. Having not done one since before the pandemic, the lack of driving has resulted in a 4 year lull where I've only managed a hair under 5000kms/3100mi in that time. Still under what the Royal Purple is rated for, but time is no friend to sitting oil. 



I've also been making may way through the four corners on the m38 to convert it to disc brakes. Repacking berrings as I go, and taking note of what needs replacement. I am hoping to have an order in for the remainder of the parts this month, and have brakes on in July.

The TJ is due for a new tailpipe and some body work. Probably more than I should be trusted with, but I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. 

In any case, there's where it stands, and welcome back to anyone who pops on to read along.