Thursday 9 June 2016

Bought my son a Jeep

Since my son was born, maybe a little before even, I've been on the lookout for a project Jeep for him. Something I could spend a few years fixing up and have ready for him when he's old enough to reach the gas peddle. I finally secured the perfect project last week for a total of $50. It needs a new paint job, some body work, and a new battery. Otherwise, it's in great shape.

Making sure everything works

I'm planning on adding a remote kill switch, 'cause daddy doesn't want to run in the park. The lights will be converted to LED, and I'll probably build a trailer, maybe even a snow plow.

This is the "Why is it Pink?" look

These won't do, they aren't KC Highlights!

We haven't chosen a style yet. Make it black like daddy's Jeep? Maybe a Jurassic Park Style? What about Olive Drab with a mounted Nerf gun on the roll cage?  What are your thoughts on the direction?