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Jeep Garage started as a forum for some friends that lived around the GTA. After the untimely passing of our friend Hans in 2009, the domain sat around in memory of Hans, not getting used, and having no direction. 

In 2015, with approval from the original group that started the forum, I started to work towards a brand. It started as a blog where I could share my Jeep thoughts, projects, experiences, etc. It's earns nothing, and acts as an outlet that I would've previously found on the forum. 

Starting in 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to try my hand at creating a brand based around the site. I expanded to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to gain some followers and find like minded individuals to share in my Jeep adventures. This is all in my spare time around actually working on my Jeep, spending time with my family, and well, my actual job. It makes me no money, but it allows me to continue to work on my writing skills, and if it takes off, it does, if it doesn't, I hope those that do follow me on social media enjoy my content. 

With that, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy what you see here, there, or anywhere you find me online. 

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