Monday 2 February 2015

You know what's bulls#*t..

US Companies that flat out refuse to ship to Canada. It's not like there are major hurdles to jump to get it here. Charge a little more for shipping, drop it off at a US Post Office (PLEASE don't use FedEx, UPS, or DHL) and boom, happy Canadian customers.
Map of Canada and the United States.

I refer you to the map on right. You'll notice that Canada and the United States are quite solidly attached. As someone who used to work in a shipping company, I know that trucks can physically drive across the boarder. I know that Canada and the US are allies and neighbours. We also share what is referred to as the "worlds longest undefended boarder". So why is it difficult to get something from the US to Canada? A lot of other vendors and part suppliers do it.

There are certain products, like a Grill Guard for example, that I cannot get, simply because they don't ship to Canada. I mean I can have it shipped to a storage place in Buffalo and go pick it up, but that's not as convenient as showing up at my door. The 3 hours of drive time to pick it up and get it home kinda take away the excitement of the package arriving at your door.

Alrighty... end of rant.

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