Tuesday 19 May 2015

Time for new tires

My close to new "Spare"
It's been about 14 years since I picked up my set of Goodyear MT/R's. Something close to the first set National 4 Wheel Drive ever sold. Had them mounted up on some AR 767 rims and they've served me very well over the years

Pavement Still Sucks
Pavement Sucks
They've been through two Jeeps, a frame up restore, trips to Rockport Off Road, Rauch Creek, countless trips to Ardbeg and Bobcaygeon. They have thousands of road miles under them, and now it's time to out them to rest.

14 years the road
They've finally wore out.
I knew the time was coming, they were losing traction in rain. They didn't dig as well in snow, and they're developing rim leaks now.

Things have changed in 14 years. I'm married, I have a mortgage and a kid to take care of. Blindly dropping $2000 in tires isn't an option. I think I've found a good compromise in the Eldorado MTZ Sport. They're made by Cooper and have good reviews. I've placed my order and will report back with how they work out.

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