Wednesday 24 June 2015

Fixing the TJ transfer case shifter

Not that there was anything wrong with it. Well, except that it looked like a parking brake. I was bored one afternoon and decided to "fix" it, and make it look like the old CJ/YJ style. 

I cut the handle off just before the bend where it goes forward. From there, I welded on some threaded rod, gave it a blast of black paint, and screwed on my old YJ shifter. I'd say it was a win.

The indicators on the shit knob even lined up and were correct.

When a further moment of boredom set in, I found a broken front axle shaft, and I figured with some paint and a nut welded to the bottom, it would make a great shifter knob. I cleaned it up, gave it a blast of paint, and there you have it.

Oh, you noticed the switches in the last picture.. What do they do? Well, they control my winch. Look for an upcoming post about that. You also noticed the bike shifter on the gear shift? Yup, future post on my hand throttle is in the pipe.

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