Sunday 21 June 2015

Rules of The Garage

Note from Kev:
These were the rules (unedited) of the original Garage. some mildly offensive language, if that bothers you.  Truth of the matter, most (if not all) of these rules can still apply to any group getting together for a run

Membership Rules
  1. Must be voted on and unanimously approved by the core members
  2. No Golden Eagle stickers except on the appropriate CJ
  3. Must attend at least one of the two yearly runs, Spring or Summer- No excuses. No run, no in
  4. Jeep must have approved recovery gear, tools and spare parts - We're not your fukn CTC
    1. Tow strap 
    2. Tow hooks
    3. Full size spare
    4. Jack-All or Hi-Lift
    5. Basic tool kit - wrenches, sockets, screw drivers, hammer, torx bits, and any "special" tools your rig needs
    6. Axle and drive shaft u-joints
    7. Spare fluids (brake, gear oil, oil, water/coolant, atf, beer)
    8. Hoses and hose clamps
    9. Spare flex lines for front and rear
    10. Wire
    11. Duct tape
    12. Fuses
    13. Shackles
    14. First aid kit
    15. Fire extinguisher
    16. Skid Plates
  5. Jeep must pass a tech inspection
  6. Must have CB
  7. No Super Wheelers
  8. Jeep only - No Toyota's, Honda's, Hummer's, Ford's, GM's, Get it ? - Unless you sponsor this site
  9. If you're not happy with a run location, don't go. Organize your own run
  10. If you don't like the rules, don't join. We're very secure in ourselves and don't need validation from new members
  11. There are no membership dues, but you should probably carry a wallet to treat other to a beer once in a while
    1. We don't have dumbass stickers or patches
    2. If you suggest dumbass stickers or patches, expect to be made fun of
  12. No whining or politics
    1. This is an UN-group, individualism is EVERYTHING
      1. Feel free to offer an opinion, we're not communists

Conduct - In you act a fool, you're ok. Period. 
  1. If you break on the trail, someone will help ya, but you better be willing to get dirty yourself
    1. See item 11 above. You'll owe a couple of wobbly pops or equivelant
  2. If you ask for a pluck, accept the chance of damage and no bitching about it if it happens
    1. If you break plucking someone, deal with it
  3. No excessive stupidity on the CB
  4. If you're a stock newbie, listen to the trailboss and TAKE A GODDAMN SPOT AND OBEY WHAT HE or SHE TELLS YOU
    1. If you offer to spot someone, you better know what the hell you're doing or expect to hear about it
  5. No sheep jokes unless you have known Stubbs for at least 3 years
  6. No drunkenness on the trail, save it for the campfire or Frumpy will drink all your booze as punishment
  7. If it's an overnight, bring enough food, gas and supplies
    1. In camp, everyone helps out
      1. Except that Chan guy, he's just too damn cute to fetch firewood
  8. TREAD LIGHTLY - Yes, you can be kicked off the trail and out of the group
  9. If someone is getting winched, stay out of the goddamn way
    1. If you don't winch safely, you're going to get yelled at. We're not reattaching anyone's body parts on the trail
    2. If a winch cable snaps, try and hit that Chan guy
  10. Have respect for others limitations and don't pressure anyone into doing something they're not ready to attempt
  11. If you're a stock newbie and you're trying something you shouldn't, expect to hear about it if you break
  12. Have fun, leave your attitude at the trailhead
  13. 3 attempts at an obstacle, if you haven't made it or broken, take  the bypass and move on
    1. Unless the group agrees to let you keep trying
  14. Easy on the pics, you're not a runway model
    1. If you are a runway model, feel free to take as many pics as you like, preferably naked
    2. That Chan guy can be naked if he wants
  15. Keep an eye on the Jeep behind you
  16. Stay out of the ass of the Jeep in front of you - It's not a race
  17. Wait until the Jeep in front of you clears an obstacle before attempting it
    1. Once you have finished an obstacle, get out of the fukn way
  18. Keep your goddamn shirt on
    1. Unless you're a really hot chick, then feel free to remove any articles of clothing you see fit
  19. If you can't keep up to Kev, you are probably at least 90 years old and should seriously consider being a TB
  20. You're responsible for your TB(s). If they act a fool, you're just as guilty
  21. Just because you happen to think KC and the Sunshine Band are really misunderstood and under appreciated doesn't mean the rest of the group agrees with you, keep the volume to a reasonable level
    1. If you are a rabid fan of KC and the Sunshine Band, you prolly won't fit in the dynamic of this group
    2. AC/DC, G&R, Rage Against the Machine, George Thorogood, Judas Priest, the Stones, Motorhead, Clash, Sex Pistols, etc can be played as loud as you like

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