Friday 15 April 2016

Adding some extra light

There comes a time in every Jeepers life when extra light it required. I decided to try some RioRand 4" lights. The price what right, and well, they're pretty good. Nice and bright and for the price, I really can't complain. 

To begin, I needed to wired in a new switch, fuse block and relay. The lights themselves at 18 watt each, a total of 36 watts, at 12 volts, that's only a 3 amp draw. Hardly needs a 30 amp relay, but I'd rather do it right. 

To feed power, I decided to build some custom cables and tap into the size posts on my battery. When I upgrade to the military battery clamps, I may change this. 

The switches come off the always on 12v feed from the fuse panel on the TJ. Located right in behind the glove box. I've already made a break out connector in the past, so it was easy to tie into

Wires run through a handy grommet in the firewall to the auxiliary fuse panel. I took the opportunity to run a switch and wires for an upcoming electric fan install. 

New switches in and looking stock. The reverse light is a previous install. 

Nice and bright, even in the sunshine. Still need to get out and aim them, but they really light up my life (HA!)

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