Tuesday 19 April 2016

In cab winch remote

A few years back I started work on an in cab remote for my Jeep. I wanted to be able to use the winch without breaking out the remote, and running it back into the cab. Knowing that the remote is just a on-off-on momentary switch, I got to work wiring a direct line into the cab. I used a safety switch to ensure that power to the in cab remote was never hot when I didn’t want it to be.
The setup runs from a 12v source off the fuse panel, through the switch and out to the winch. In the winch, it’s connected the same as the Warn remote, and activates the relays to control the winch. It’s pretty straight forward and makes using the winch so much nicer when you need to do it in cab

I used a trailer 4 pin harness to connect the in cab section to the winch. This allows for quickly disconnecting if I need to remove or service the winch.

P6200007Here's the setup, conveniently located in front of my 4wd shifter. It's easy to reach from the drivers seat and simple to operate 
P6200013It's hard to make out here, but that's the wire into the back of the winch. I drilled a hole and added a grommet for a clean looking install. At a quick glance, you'd think it was a factory option. In my opinion anyways. 

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