Thursday 26 May 2016

Throwback Thursday

What the hell, let's have a throwback to my YJ days. Just some random shots of the original Pavement Sucks and I out having a good time.

This was up in Ardbeg Ontario. Doing a small climb off the main trail. Just messing around really. Ardbeg was great for that. Easy, stock friendly main trail, and 0-10 side obstacles to try your luck on.

Up in Ardbeg still. This climb had a rather violent toss to the right, and it's where I managed to dent my cowl pretty good. Fun times though. Good place to stop for lunch as well

This was shot out in Minden, Ontario. Can't remember the trail name now, but we came across this rather mucked up bridge that was barely capable of foot traffic. I like, it could handle quads and skidoos. The indicators were that the route for heavier vehicles was down beside it through the small stream. 

And one of my favorite shots. Up on top of Greens Mountain in Ontario. Just north of Bobcaygeon. It was a pretty serious trail back in the day. Inspired fear among rookies. Now it's just a moderate run. The view from the top is awesome

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