Monday 23 May 2016

Stopping the Splash (aka Avoid Johnny Law)

Last year I installed wider rear fender flares on my TJ. It was to keep the "Excessive Road Spray" down, as our Highway Traffic Act (HTA) refers to it. Starting this year, changes were made to the vehicle inspection standards requiring full tire coverage. Not that I was overly worried about being pulled over for my front tires sticking out, but I was actually getting tired of the road spray up the side of the Jeep and onto my elbow when the roads were wet. It was time to put on the matching front wide flares.

Care of:
It should've been an easy job. 10 bolts per fender off and on. Unfortunately three body mounted bolts were seized up. I had to cut the bolts off, fix a little body rust, and install new nutserts. Went from an hour job to a 4 hour job. Such is Jeep Time, eh.

In typical "I want to work on the Jeep" fashion, I forgot to snap a before picture. However, my Jeep looked like any other TJ with stock flares and 33x12.5 tires on it.

Should keep the road spray to a minimum 

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