Thursday 9 July 2015

Hand Throttle or Redneck Cruise Control

Simple bike shifter
One of the nice things about an automatic, is that it doesn’t require two feet to drive. It also gives you a spare when you need to hold the brake and hit the gas for a tricky climb. With my manual, when I’m sitting on a hill, sometimes a third foot comes in handy. In that thought, I installed a hand throttle using a bike shifter and cable, plus some bits and pieces. It’s also great on the rocks, as it keeps the throttle set so that I’m not modulating the gas as I bounce around. On highways, it makes a great redneck cruise control, but I don’t suggest you do that, as it doesn’t disengage like factory cruise control.
Cable running through new hole in throttle cable bracket
Connected to throttle.
Apparently this is where factory cruise control connected

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