Sunday 19 July 2015

Rough Country Trackbar Tie Rod End Replacement

A while back I had the misfortune of hearing a clunk coming from under my Jeep, while also feeling the steering not quite working right. Fortunately, I was a couple blocks from home and made it into the driveway safely. What I found was a blown out tie rod end on my Rough Country track bar. Fortunately it uses the same TRE as the drag link, and I was able to source one same day at NAPA. 
Removing the rusted up cotter bit and nut required the use of a cut off disc on my Dremel, and a little pounding. Once out, I was able to remove the TRE with some heat and a large pipe wrench. 
When I put it back together, I made sure to be generous with my anti-seize to ensure that in the future, this is easier to do. 
One thing I ran into, was that the hole on the frame mount was wallowed out a bit. Using some grade 8 washers, I was able to pull the TRE up enough to make it nice and tight. 

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