Sunday 19 July 2015

Jeep TJ Upper Steering Shaft Replacement

There comes a time in every Jeep life, when a u joint goes. In this case, mine was on my upper steering shaft. In Jeep engineer wisdom, the joint is not a serviceable/replaceable part. I had to replace the entire shaft. That in itself proved to be a difficult pIart to find. I was finally able to source it via in the form of a Crown Automotive 5102531AA Steering Shaft. It's a simple two bolt process to replace it, and aside from bending in ways that I didn't think my body could bend, and a buggered thread that needed tapping, it was an easy swap

Engine compartment bolt
Undo the bolt on the joint by the firewall. Start the jeep and turn the steering wheel about a quarter turn to access the inside bolt. Under the dash, get your socket on the bolt and undo it. 
Potato quality short under the dash
Slide the shaft off in the engine compartment, and off the splined shaft under the dash. Pull the shaft into the cab and it'll pop through easily. 
Old vs New shaft
Get your new shaft, repeat the process and tighten your bolts down. Just remember, when the shaft is disconnected, do not let the steering wheel spin, as you'll break your clock spring and mess up signals and air bag. I used a bungee cord to hold the wheel from turning. 

You can kinds see the gap in the u joint pinion

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