Sunday 25 August 2019

Airing Down the Easy Way

For the last 20+ years that I've been doing the Jeep thing, one thing that was consistent, was the way I aired down my tires. I always just pulled my valve stem cores, and chased my tires with a pressure gauge. 
It wasn't the most elegant solution, and there was always the risk of firing a core into the bush, but it was fast and it worked. Unfortunately, on my last trip to Bobcaygeon, I spent a little too much time chatting, and ended up having to actually inflate a couple tires, because I aired them down too much. 


While searching for Jeep "stuff" as I'm known to do, I found this tire deflator. It removes the valve core, but keeps it safely tucked in itself. It allows controlled release of air, and a handy pressure gauge to keep tabs on the tire. The kit included the deflator, four valve caps, a valve stem tool, and a handy storage box. 

Since pictures speak a thousand words, videos must speak millions. Here's a quick video showing how it works, and really, how simple it is to use.

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