Wednesday 14 August 2019

Canada Jeep Show

On August 10th, I took part in the annual Canada Jeep Show. Arguably the largest all breeds Jeep show. This year Pavement Still Sucks was one of 436 Jeeps that came together for the show. Besides being all about Jeeps, the show raises money for Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto.
Being that my son will (most likely) need open heart surgery before his 6th birthday, and that it'll be at Sick Kids, I can be doubly passionate about the event.

While I didn't win any raffle prizes, or the 50/50 draw, my Jeep did manage to win the "Best License Plate" category in the Show and Shine. Not bad for a 20 year old TJ that only really looks good from 10' away.

Not really much more to add, except that $15,000 was raised this year, so massive kudos to all those that help put this together.

Just a few photo, since they'll speak for themselves.

Beautiful CJ-3A

I can dream
The TJ always feels so old at these events. But if you look close, there is a CJ poking it's nose out

Panorama from the top of my Jeep

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